Unlimited Projects

for making well-informed decisions

Create and track several projects for multiple clients to assess team members' productivity.

Unlimited Projects

Create Unlimited Projects to Organize your Tasks

Ensure projects stay on track; improve collaboration and reduce miscommunication

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multiple agency projects

Multiple Agency Projects

Allow the employees to manage and monitor several projects for diverse clients from a single location to boost team efficiency.

lead harvesting

Lead Harvesting

Boost team productivity with HipSocial by assigning specific task to each member. Enable the admin to invite or remove team members from a workspace.

customizable projects

Customizable Projects

Stay organized and create unlimited projects by leveraging the power of In-built Icons and colors to differentiate between projects.

What is an Unlimited Projects?

Faster build times can be achieved by combining multiple independent projects. By dividing material into distinct, independent projects, you can eliminate or reduce dependencies between them. Create an unlimited number of projects with HipSocial to boost productivity.

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