Social Media Listening Tool

for better social monitoring

Analyze client feedback, direct mentions, and critical conversations happening around your business on social media networks by using a Social Media Listening technology.

Social Media Listening Tool

Monitor Your Social Networks with Social Media Listening

Dive deeper to identify critical discussions and trends that can help you make data-driven improvements. Create streams for numerous social accounts at the same time to see everything that's going on in one spot

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monitor networks

Monitor Networks

Track the performance of your posts and brand mentions, and keep an eye on competition activity. All from one dashboard, stay on top of crucial conversations.

network streams

Network Streams

Initiate integrating in your content streams and creating a strategy for your websites and social media profiles. Make a list of everything you want to share on social media and plan it out ahead of time.

auto refresh

Auto Refresh

Streamline your marketing initiatives by conceptualizing your plan and assisting your team in determining how to invest their time and resources more effectively in the future.

What is Social Media Listening?

The examination of a brand's social media data for actionable insights and the application of those insights is known as social media listening. It collects mentions of specific keywords and assists marketers in analysing them.

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