RSS Feed Management

Advanced content management

Generate RSS feeds with a single click, use multiple URLs to create RSS feeds, and manage them all in one place.

RSS Feed Management

RSS Feed Manager

Generate RSS feeds with one click, use multiple URLs to display the content, and manage them all from one place. The RSS feed manager helps you edit feeds and share updates from multiple feeds at the same time

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rss feed reader

RSS Feed Reader

Read multiple feeds with clarity on one screen, make required changes in real-time. Make the best out of your RSS feed with HipSocial's easy-to-use dashboard and attractive UI.

generate multiple feeds

Generate Multiple Feeds

Add multiple URLs and generate as many feeds as you want on a single screen. Track engagements over all the feeds at one place.

share updates

Share Updates

Share updates and new content among your audience directly from the feed without even minimal coding on social media platforms.

advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics

Keep an eye on your scheduled content and reader feedback. Make informed selections to build popularity among your RSS subscribers.

What is RSS Feed Manager?

RSS feed manager is social media management tool that helps users to curate content on their own. An RSS feed manager allows you to manage your social media profiles with ease. It keeps track of your content, shares, likes and comments which help you stay up-to-date with what is trending in the industry. It also helps you avoid unwanted spam by filtering out comments and people who are not following you on social media.

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