How To Build Brand Awareness Online?

Brand awareness refers to the extent to which customers recognize your brand in association with its products, services, and unique features.


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""""The success of every brand depends on its clientele. This is why every brand needs to build a relationship with its customers. This relationship keeps existing customers loyal to the brand.""""

In addition, it makes new customers willing to patronize the business in the future. Think of some famous brands you know, such as Coke, McDonald's, or Kleenex – what comes to mind? The ideas you have of these brands are a result of heavy investments in branding. This article discusses how you can leverage the Internet to make your brand more memorable to customers.

What is Brand Awareness?

brand awareness

Brand awareness refers to the extent to which customers recognize your brand in association with its products, services, and unique features. It describes how familiar customers are with your brand, its products, and its philosophy. It is not easily quantifiable, but it is essential to a business. As Forbes has pointed out, more than 80% of the value of the Fortune 500 companies is intangible. Branding represents a large chunk of this value.

How You Can Build Brand Awareness Online?

To expand your clientele, you'd undoubtedly need to build your brand's image. A great asset for this is the Internet, through which information can quickly reach potential customers all over the globe. People spend more and more time online nowadays, so there is no better time to harness the power of the Internet to build your brand.

Here are some ideas for building brand awareness on the Internet:

brand awareness

1. Give your brand a unique voice

What is a brand without a unique voice and personality? Your brand needs to have certain qualities that set it apart from others to become memorable to customers. It might be an image of positivity, like Nike's 'Just Do It,' or an image of progress and advancement, as SpaceX represents. Tell your company's story, describe its background, share its values in your posts. These stories position your brand as an idea or philosophy that they can buy into.

Incorporate your brand's personality into logos, ads, blogs, and any content your business puts out. Your goal should be to make your brand a person with a unique story with whom your customers are familiar. This way, when they think of these values, they will remember your brand.

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2. Organize an ad campaign

Besides connecting the world better, social media and search engines (like Google and Bing) are valuable assets to brands worldwide. In addition, online advertising is now a multi-billion dollar industry, as brands have realized the importance of reaching potential customers where they're at – on their mobile devices.

Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media giants all have ad programs that can promote targeted ads to your specific market. When you have determined which platform your customers use, you can then, for a fee, promote your brand to your target market.

3. Run referral programs and social media contests

Referral programs, which provide rewards for a certain task, are a great way to drum up excitement about your brand. You may not attach cash rewards to your referral program, but you can make do with a free service. Take DropBox, for example, which offered up to 32 GB of cloud storage on its referral program.

Social media contests are programs where contestants submit content (videos, graphics, et cetera) and seek votes to determine the winner. As contestants share your company's links, you become more visible, improving your reach.

4. Post regularly to social media using your brand voice

An active social media account is an important brand image and visibility element. For example, when new customers want to learn about your company or brand, they'd likely surf through its website and social media channels to learn more. You'd need to keep your social media channels active and updated with images, videos, and infographics to meet this curiosity. Additionally, a social media channel is another way for customers to engage with your brand.

You can hire a social media manager to help you handle the channel. Part of their role would be to post regularly, read comments, and give feedback to questions asked on the channel. When customers feel like the company prioritizes them, they become more loyal.

5. Hire influencers

Partnering with influencers in your industry is a great way to access your target market. Influencers generally have a large community of followers in your niche market, and working with them grants you access to this community. It also boosts your credibility to the market, building trust in your brand.

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